Fiber concrete

Dyckerhoff Basal supplies all kinds of fiber concrete. We thereby distinguish the main 3: 

a. A plastic fiber concrete, usually polypropylene fibers are used. The dose is under the 3 kg/m3 concrete. It is used for various purposes:

  1. To avoid cracking in the plastic / green. 

  2. To increase fire resistance, so buildings and civil works stay safer. 

b. Steel fiber reinforced concrete. This concrete is provided with metal fibers. There are many types ranging from brass, stainless steel, copper, to galvanized types. Depending the required constructive performance typical doses range from 15 to 40 kg/m3 concrete. The main ones are:

  1. Steel wire fibers. This high-toughness factor results in concrete with better post cracking behavior, which results in a durable and wear-resistant concrete construction. 

  2. Milled fibers are machined from swteelblock, its rough surface gets a strong adhesion with the young concrete. This prevents just after the green phase the formation of cracks as a consequence of the shrinkage. 

c. Fiberglass Concrete
In addition to the well-known types of fiber such as steel and plastic there are increasingly applied materials such as carbon and fiberglass. Fiberglass Concrete lends itself to locations where chemical penetration is a threat. Also, in projects with stray currents it provides a solution.


Fiber concrete is increasingly mentioned by a number of leading engineering firms as part of hybrid application. This innovative solution saves money and provides some extra quality. This is because of synergy of both traditional reinforcement and fiber reinforcement. It means a reduction of the total amount of reinforcement and concrete. Indirectly, this will be an additional saving on construction time and maintenance costs. 

Dyckerhoff Basal fiber concrete can supply a high quality guarantee, because the fibers are mixed homogeneously through the concrete. For specific projects, a certified dosing unit will be deployed, which in a highly controlled manner, the fibers can be dosed with.