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Concrete mortar

Dyckerhoff Basal Betonmortel B.V. has concrete mortar plants all over the Netherlands, these are in operation on a daily basis to meet every demand within the sales area. This can mean that Dyckerhoff Basal can prepare the delivery weeks prior to the start of a project. However, there are also situations in which that time is lacking, for example because of a change in planning on the construction site. In that case, speed is of the essence, without compromising the quality of the concrete.

One phone call puts the entire advanced 'concrete machine' into operation and within a few hours the customer has received his order. Dyckerhoff Basal has developed the Conactive Management planning system especially for this type of situation. Each truck mixer is equipped with a status reporting system, which means that the route planning can be taken literally on a per-minute basis. So if a calamity occurs somewhere in a region, the planning is easily adjusted from the computer centre.