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Decorative concrete

The name ‘decorative concrete’ says it all: this concrete type has a high aesthetic quality. The colour and the surface structure along with the sharp outline of details and contours make this building material ideal for visible constructions. The concrete formula, the formwork method, the processing and the post-treatment define the quality of the end result.

Decorative concrete requires special care in design and implementation because it is a construction as well as a finishing material. Therefore the aesthetic quality depends highly on the implementation method. Basal is able to provide specific advice in this area.

There are a number of variables to achieve the desired colour, texture and strength. Generally speaking: we use as little water as possible, more fine particles as a filler, pigments to colour the concrete thoroughly and deliver greater homogeneity across concrete types. However, depending on the application, adjustments can, or indeed must, be made - in consultation - to all elements from mixing to removing the formwork.