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Highly liquid concrete

Industrial floors, concrete walls, tall and narrow constructions with a high reinforcement density, and complex concrete forms require highly ready mixed concrete types. This concrete type is at home anywhere where compaction opportunities are poor. Fast and easy pouring, and attractive concrete surfaces after dismantling or removal of the formwork, also ensure ‘high ready mixed' concrete enjoys many applications.

Dyckerhoff Basal therefore supplies concrete in the conventional strength and environmental classes, but with a much higher flowability and matching viscosity. These types of concrete fall within the consistency classes F5 (flowable) or SF1 (highly flowable with low compaction). Both products are supplied under the KOMO product certificate.

Highly ready mixed and compaction-poor concrete combines into a high liquid with a superior degree of stability (in order to avoid segregation). However, if the formworks do not allow any compaction whatsoever, then self-compacting concrete is the preferable solution.

Please seek advice from Dyckerhoff Basal in advance about the correct adjustment in workability and viscosity.