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High Strength Concrete

High strength concrete is a very special type of concrete. One example that proves this is the second Stichtse bridge: this 'Samson' of concretes enables stronger, narrower, more attractive and faster construction. Thinner constructions require less concrete. The concrete can withstand very high pressure and traction forces and reaches its strength in record time. Additionally, this concrete type can be easily processed.

Everything about this concrete is superlative. More cement, less water, more additives, more filling substances and harder aggregates. There is no more segregation or discharge of water.

With strength classes starting from B75 and water / cement ratios of 0.35 or lower, this concrete can be used mainly in road and water construction and utility construction. Its durability and wear-resistance render it of interest for numerous applications which require exceptional performance. This construction material is a challenge for every architect.