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CSC Certificate

CSC Certification for sustainable concrete production

The CSC quality mark guarantees the sustainable production of concrete. Hallmark holders may only use CSC if they meet strict requirements with regard to reliability, expertise, durability and occupational safety. The CSC quality mark provides certainty for customers of concrete. The sustainable production of concrete is guaranteed and thus provides the necessary basis for collaboration.

What are the benefits of CSC certification?

• Hallmark holders provide advice on the environmental profile of concrete.
• Hallmark holders deliver high quality concrete.
• Hallmark holders can demonstrate the responsible origin of raw materials.
• Quality mark holders with benchmark Betonhuis are A supplier on the CO2 Performance Ladder (SKAO).
• Hallmark holders show transparent performance (low CO2 emissions during the production of concrete).
• Safety is a top priority for quality mark holders.
• Hallmark holders strive for a high use of secondary materials.
• BREEAM recognition.

Dutch CSC manual 2.1
The certification system in the Netherlands is represented by Betonhuis in Woerden. Betonhuis is the 'Regional System Operator' (RSO). The quality mark is geared to Dutch circumstances and regulations and is checked by independent certification bodies (CB).

Version 2.1 has been in effect since January 2021
The assessments already registered (before 01-02-2021) can still certify with version 2.0 until 30-06-2021. The full English-language concrete technical manual can be downloaded here for information. The current certification schemes are available on the CSC website via the CSC Toolbox, in both Dutch and English. In case of differences of interpretation, the English manual prevails over the Dutch.

The CSC certification process in steps
The CSC quality mark distinguishes between the production of concrete and the responsible origin of raw materials, namely; additives and cement. The score of the individual chain components of aggregates and cement directly influences the total score to be achieved for concrete. Without a score for the aggregates and/or cement used, no higher score than 60% can be achieved for the production of concrete. The CSC quality mark is made up of a number of sustainability criteria that are grouped into 4 categories, namely;

• Operations/management,
• Environmental aspects,
• Social aspects including occupational safety
• Economic aspects including integrity and business ethics,

The certification process includes a number of steps. Raw material suppliers are part of the total score to be achieved for concrete and after an audit by the CB also receive a certificate regarding their performance.