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Dyckerhoff Basal considers as stakeholders all those (individuals and groups) who are involved in the company’s decision making-process and who as such have an interest in Dyckerhoff Basal's results, who actively participate by influencing the company's success or who simply assist in achieving said results.


Dyckerhoff Basal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dyckerhoff GmbH in Germany.
Dyckerhoff GmbH is 100% part of Buzzi SpA.


Dyckerhoff Basal has always striven to create value in the sphere of influence of the production locations where, over the years, special attention has been paid to developing relationships with local companies in an attempt to establish loyal relations with them, which in most cases have developed beyond the territorial aspect

Land and environment

Right from the outset, our production units have been actively involved in the area where they are established.
During the often complicated authorisation phase, discussions with local authorities and municipalities are mainly aimed at guaranteeing that the company respects the environment and public health. Dyckerhoff Basal is dedicated in this respect to building its own production locations equipped with the best environmental technologies, to strictly applying legislation and to establishing structures which reduce the effects of its activities. The guarantee of the (environmental) management system conforms to NEN-EN ISO 14001 and NEN-EN ISO 9001.


Dyckerhoff Basal is dedicated to the continuous search for more efficient instruments so that its own human resources can continue to improve their contribution to achieving the company's goals.

The organisation encourages the exchange of experience and joint work on specific professional technical subjects, both in terms of ongoing major investment projects and with respect to the most common central functions, such as concrete technology, production, planning, quality, safety, marketing and communications, technology, ICT and financing.

On a voluntary basis a health survey (PMR Periodical Medical Research) will be conducted periodically on all Dyckerhoff Basal employees.


At Dyckerhoff Basal, commercial decisions are constantly being evaluated with the greatest importance attached to meeting our customers' needs. Dyckerhoff Basal has set itself the goal of continuously providing its customers with excellent products and services.