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CSC-Gold for all twelve Dyckerhoff Basal concrete plants

18 July 2019

Kiwa awarded the CSC gold certificate to all (12) Dyckerhoff Basal concrete plants.

The CSC certificate (Concrete Sustainability Council Certificate) is a way for producers to prove that concrete products, concrete mortar and raw materials for concrete are produced in a sustainable and responsible manner and responds to the demands of clients. Since April 2018, Dyckerhoff Basal was already in possession of CSC silver.

“When the Dutch BetonBewust quality mark was drawn to an international level, we started immediately and wanted to score as high as possible. CSC silver was then the highest attainable for us. We have worked hard in the past year to convert silver to gold by producing more sustainably. We have also asked suppliers to also produce sustainably. The jump to gold was realized together with the suppliers, ”said André van Maris, KVM manager at Dyckerhoff Basal.

Certainty for the buyer of concrete

The certificate offers the customer certainty about the responsible origin of the raw materials used, an optimal production process and recyclability. It is an incentive for the producer to continue to innovate and to be actively involved in product development. According to Van Maris, the CSC certificate has more advantages: “It provides insight into the CO2 reduction that a customer can obtain by using the certified products. Furthermore, the certificate helps to improve sustainability throughout the construction chain and thus contribute to the preservation of our planet. ” The international recognition gives the CSC certificate an advantage when doing business on the international market.

International regulation

The Concrete Sustainability Council has laid down the requirements and conditions for the CSC certificate in the Sustainable Concrete Manual. The certificate is therefore also an international scheme. There are four levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. In the Netherlands, CSC-NL (Concrete house sector concrete mortar) is the regional system manager of the international CSC scheme. The actual certification is performed exclusively by CSC affiliated and independent certification bodies; Kiwa is one of them. For more information about the CSC certificate and Kiwa's role in obtaining the certificate or (keyword CSC)

Quote André van Maris, KVM manager at Dyckerhoff Basal: "From silver to gold in one year, the result of making the chain more sustainable."