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Dyckerhoff Basal's sustainability process presents the social, environmental, and economic performance associated with the Group's activities in the various regions where it operates. It follows the approach taken in recent years. The sustainability process is based on a principle of continuity and ongoing refinement.

In fact, the sustainability process represents an extension of the area covered by the report for certain environmental aspects relating to the production of concrete and the strengthening of the reporting system through the preparation of a specific Sustainability Reporting Package for the collection of data in the various regions.


The sustainability process is the result of a structured process carried out by a working group set up at the holding level of the company and formed by all the functions that are a cross-section of all the areas linked to the group's social, environmental and economic reporting, working without the help of outside consultants. In accordance with an agreed format, reporting is made to our shareholder in Germany and Italy.


The company's sustainability policy has been drawn up on the basis of the 'Sustainability Reporting Guidelines Version 3.0' (G3) of the Global Reporting Initiative (~ Global Reporting Institute) (GRI) and complies with the substantive requirements of the 'Application Level B +. Reference is also made to the guidelines issued by the Social Report Study group (~Social Reporting Study Group) (GBS) regarding aspects relating to the calculation and distribution of added value.