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Code of Conduct

Buzzi SpA and Dyckerhoff Basal Nederland consider ethics to be an essential part of business management and full compliance with laws is an asset that adds value to the company. For this reason the Code of Conduct of Buzzi SpA was introduced.

The principles contained in the Code apply to all directors, members of corporate bodies, employees, suppliers and any person acting in the name and/or on behalf of Dyckerhoff Basal Nederland B.V., including but not limited to representatives, agents, partners, external consultants, entities appointed by the company, etc.

Code of Conduct English

Dyckerhoff Basal Nederland B.V. makes available to anyone who becomes aware of illegal conduct or violations of this Code appropriate channels of reporting, such as to ensure the confidentiality of the reporting person.

Reports shall be sent as follows:

• by e‐mail to the address:
• by regular mail to the address:

Dyckerhoff GmbH
Internal Audit 
Biebricher Straße 68
65203 Wiesbaden, Germany